"At its best, art is able to satisfy our deep longing for beauty and communicate profound spiritual, intellectual, and emotional truth about the world that God has made…"
 (Philip Graham Ryken)

     Judy Burch is a self-taught artist who works in oil and pastel. She has attended numerous workshops and has undergraduate hours in Art.  She is a member of various Art Associations in New Mexico and Texas, Oil Painters of America, and a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of the Southwest. Her work has been collected by Cedar Valley Community College, part of the Dallas County Community College System, and is in many private collections. Judy enjoys painting from life and photographs. Subject matter varies depending on what captures her attention. She lives with her husband and two golden doodles in Red River, NM.      


     She states; "I have always been entranced by light and color. I find painting to be very relaxing and a way to release tension and emotion that hopefully transfers to my work. My goal is to capture not only what I see, but also the response it evokes in me. Hopefully the viewer will connect with the art through their own interpretation and life experiences. In sharing this work, my hope is that it will be as much a gift to you as the creative process was to me."